can’t handle these fucking daquan memes

The Daquan meme is hella funny. It just irks when people can’t differentiate between fiction and reality and make stereotypical assumptions smh

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Telegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd")

Childish Gambino

Because The Internet (Deluxe Edition)


In Oakland..

 Cloud Music

The Song “Oakland” is actually going to be on Lloyds new album. HOW SICK IS THAT?!

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How do u eat a girl out? Not u individually, but I mean what are the techniques? I need to know! Any advice u care to share?


Hmmm well sonce youre new id say the first thing is to eliminate must handle this with confidence..cus shes really into you should will be wet…and I mean wet.
A way to build confidence is to tease…
Gently kiss and lick her inner thighs..I mean the area closest to her flower without touching that for a few minutes. Watch how excited she gets..
Then for rookies this is my best advice..
If you are a good kisser you can eat pussy…treat those lower lips like a passionate kiss…
Ease into it. Kiss the lips with no tongue first…soft wet kisses…as she responds that will determine your energy..
Slowly enter your tongue inside her and explore aggressively look for her clit as it is ths most sensitive part there..once you find it. Lick it..suck it with it..
As ur woman gets more into it ao should you. Lick where she tells you to lick..go deeper…french kiss her pussy…own it.
Just dont think to hard and you will both be in for a treat.

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i literally cannot stop laughing from this 

Still my favorite video

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